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Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Susan Cain
Unnatural Causes
P.D. James
C.J. Sansom
The Summit: How Triumph Turned to Tragedy on K2's Deadliest
Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, Pat Falvey
The Last Train to Zona Verde: Overland from Cape Town to Angola
Paul Theroux


Dominion - C.J. Sansom It's not Sansom's best book, but it's not bad. It's fairly well paced for the most part though it lags a bit in the middle and is probably longer than it needs to be. Despite it being well researched, and its meticulously planned alternate reality, at its core it becomes a run of the mill spy story which is a little disappointing given the richness of the world in which all this takes place.